About Us

All About Simply Goats Soaps

When our family started making goat milk soap as a hobby and as gifts for family and friends, we had no idea how much everyone would love them and even ask for more!  We also didn’t realize how much our family’s skin health would improve. Age spots seemed to disappear, dry skin – gone, no more occasional breakouts. And the scents – heavenly. It was like getting a daily spa. We decided we wanted to share these with the rest of the world so they could enjoy the benefits as much as our family has (My favorite… the pumpkin spice!).

You hear on every website how not all soap is created equal, and they’re right! We only use locally sourced raw goat milk from local Michigan farms in our soap. And all added ingredients are strictly to enhance the benefits of the soap for your skin. Nothing extra, ever. No dyes, no harsh chemicals, no parabens or fillers, only quality natural ingredients and essential oils that you can feel good about using. Every flavor of our soap is designed to do something special for your skin.

All of our bars are cold processed and cured for a minimum of six weeks to create that luxuriously creamy lather you’ll love.

Try them and we think you’ll agree, there is no substitute for quality. So please, spend some time on the ‘Our Soap’ page and choose a flavor (or flavors!) that will make your skin thank you. You’ll be glad you did.